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1. We have 2000m² dust-free printing room, ensure our high quality from the beginning.
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2. We are equipped with advanced Germany CRON automatic color calibration system, all the colors are well recorded by ink type, LAB wet & dry density, ink proofer is used for color calibration, and x·rite densitometers is used to control the color during the whole production time. What's more, we’ve got the “G7” Master Printer Certificate, only around 200 companies in the world has got this certificate, we’re capable to ensure every product remains high color saturation and no color differences.
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3. For boxes with tiny differences in same series (especially for cosmetic box), we can 100% avoid box mixing through blow steps:
    1) Unlike other companies would print different versions of box at the same time to save cost, which could cause potential problem of box mixing and color difference. But we insist to print boxes in different versions separately.
    2) Add unique marks on the box for easy distinguished by the camera in the machine and human eyes.
    3) Most of our production machine has built-in HD camera, which can kick out the mixed boxes automatically.
4. Boxes from other companies could be loose in unstable temperature condition, especially during international transportation. We insist to use the best glue that can pass high and low temperature test(-20°C for 24 hours, 60°C for 24 hours and normal temperature for 12 hours) to make sure our boxes are always stably glued.
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5. We have customized box gluing machine with lengthened conveyor, additional HD camera and laser device, to guarantee our boxes won’t be mixed and poor gluing.
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6. We have automatic quality inspection machine, which can inspect each boxes in super high speed(50,000 pcs/hour), with built-in HD camera and computer, we can perfectly avoid all kinds of quality issues like mixing, dots, scratch, poor printing, ect.
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7. With all those world-leading advanced equipments, technologies and professional management team, we are confidence to provide our customers high quality packaging with international competitiveness.
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