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Grayboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness

October 9, 2019

Latest company news about Grayboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness

Greyboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness



IPACK use high quality greyboard paper to manufacture the custom made cardboard gift boxes, cardboard set up boxes, foldable cardboard presentation boxes. Different greyboard grammage will lead to different thickness. Our clients can choose the suitable thickness greyboard to make their packaging boxes. Here is an introduction to the greyboard thickness, gremmage, moisture content and unit ton price.



Conversion Between Greyboard thickness and grammage:


Greyboard thickness and grammage
Grammage(gsm) Thickness(mm) Grammage(gsm) Thickness(mm)
600gsm 1.0mm 1300gsm 2 mm
750gsm 1.2mm 1400gsm 2.2mm
900gsm 1.4mm 1500gsm 2.3mm
1000gsm 1.6mm 1600gsm 2.5mm
1100gsm 1.7mm 1800gsm 2.8mm
1200gsm 1.9mm 2100gsm 3.3mm
The thickness may have ±0.1mm deviation.


When you want to make the cardboard gift box for your product packaging, you need to know the thickness of the greyboard that you want. The greyboard is also called chipboard paper. They are the paper core of the cardboard box. Our common cardboard boxes are using the thickness from 1.2mm to 2mm(750gsm to 1300gsm). You can also use the following formula to converse grammage to thickness.


Thickness(mm) = Grammage(gsm)*1.55 / 1000


It is the estimated thickness and the accurate thickness will have ±0.1mm deviation.



Moisture Content of the Greyboard affects the Stiffiness


The moisture content affects the greyboard stiffiness. The moisture degree varies from 8% to 13%. When the moisture content is low, the cardboard gift box will have the very good stiffiness, resistant to the bending. Also, the price of the low moisture content greyboard will be higher than the normal greyboard. For the grade A greyboard, the unit ton price would be around USD$800-1000 while the ordinary greyboard would be around USD$500-700.


latest company news about Grayboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness  1

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